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Hello World! Who Loses Lost is a free, Ireland-based Literary Webzine featuring youngish and  talented writers of  poetry, prose, music, film and the ‘visual photograph’. Issues are published on the site every two months on a variety of topics from Struggle to Frederich Nietzsche to Intergalactic Warfare. The purpose of the zine is to showcase up and coming talent from the cream of the Irish crop. In honesty, the birth of this magazine was mostly a personal reaction to the sheer flummoxing bulk of talent sitting on the internet waiting to be discovered, Irish or otherwise, and I hope this can be at least one small creative outlet for that collective.

We are, of course, open to extending our loving, octopus tendrils beyond and into international waters and remain perpetually welcoming to submissions of any kind, from print to music (anything displayable in webformat is acceptable). Brian Eno need not apply. Please do not hesitate to direct your submissions to:, marked to the attention of Ed. Clicking on the ‘Submissions’ tab above will further de-mystify the matter.

Issue One, CROWDS will be available on a date yet to appear in my head. Please watch this space for more details and do not hesitate to bother us in the meantime.

Finally if you have any interest in being affiliated with the magazine in any form (all I can offer at the minute is a mere mention on the Blogroll below), again, feel free to make contact. If you are creatively talented and want to make this place look nicer than my meagre skills allow, you are also embraced in advance.

Your editor,